Engr. Olubiyi Ismail, MD/CEO

Olubiyi Ismail is a geomatician with over 5 years experience as a Professional Network Engineer and Computer System Analyst.

He has an ordinary National Diploma in Land Surveying and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering.

He is a specialist in network design, planning and implementation, maintenance and advance integrated security systems.

He also served on the Lagos State Government Computerisation Scheme and was a member of the Lagos State Government Committee on the design of website, e-mail and Internet connectivity between May 1999 – 2002
He is single.
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Ademola Aderogba,
Technical Operations Manager

He has over five years working experience in Information Technology.

He was with Modern Business Services as Project Supervisor (IT) and First Bank Nigeria Plc as a Data Migration(New Project) team member before joining Network Information Technology (Nig.) Ltd.

He has attended trainings abroad in various countries taking courses in several areas concerning the Information Technology sector and also the communications and networking industries acquiring sevral international certifications.
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Adeleke Ogun, Logistics and Sales Manager

Joined Network Information Technology (Nig.)Ltd as a pioneer staff and has attended lots of training programmes within the country.
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Olayemi Ismail
Strategic Planning & Operations Manager

He has over four years working experience in
Relationship and Client Service management and
Marketing of security and Information Technology. He joined Network Information Technology as the Business Development and Research Officer.He has attended a lot of training on Relationship management and Marketing within Nigeria.
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Olalekan Musa, Administrative Manager

Musa joined Network Information Technology(Nig)Ltd as an administrative Officer and has since risen to his present position.He has over three years working experience.
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