NIT provides a broad range of local & international voice services / solutions, including linking public switched networks, termination of Voice over IP traffic and provision of mobile or fixed voice traffic or GSM traffic via satellite. Our customers take advantage of our services' high performance, high reliability and cost-effectiveness. Several digital gateways are in place to route our clients’ voice traffic to any place in the world.


We provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network links to meet client demands for voice, fax, data and video services. We offer tailor-made solutions for clients in countries where terrestrial infrastructure is non-existent, unreliable or too expensive. Via our partners’ teleports, remote sites get direct access to the public digital networks or will be connected to the corporate network via terrestrial digital leased line. Our services include on-demand applications as well as long-term capacity options.


This includes LAN & WAN hardware installations such as Hubs, Switches, Protocol converters, bridges and Gateways. Network servers running Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux and UNIX based systems. In addition we can also provide network peripherals such as print servers, CD ROM servers, firewall servers, mail servers, Internet and modem sharing devices.

We are seen as a value added company that combines experience, expertise and uncanny human relations backed by state of the art...
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