At Network Information Technology, we are constantly looking for more inovative ways to serve you better by giving you networking and connectivity solutions. We form partnerships with various firms in the communications and networking industry so as to make us stronger and produce better solutions.

NIT is now a Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) Licenced Company in the country. this is a big plus to our portfolio and shows our competency in whatever we do.

We have added two new companies abroad to our ever growing list of international affiliates and partners, the new partners are:

Automatic System
Topica Technology Company

These two organisations have been around for a while now and are of high reputation, standard and quality. Partnership with these organisations is one of the plans we at Network Information Technology to become a more efficient network solutions provider.

In this ever changing world new things happen by the time. We see to it that we get all new technologies to make our clients meet their targets and ...
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